our story

Our favorite love story, of course, is our own.


Elizabeth and I met at church, so I guess you could say we are "church sweethearts." I was on stage singing with our praise band, I glanced down into the crowd unsuspectingly, and there she was. As cliche as it might sound, in the very moment that our eyes locked, we both knew we were made for each other and that one day we would marry. Though we were both only in 10th grade, we never doubted what we heard from The Lord that night. Our hearts wouldn't let us. Though I don't have enough space to explain the rest of the story, The Lord is still using us to teach each other how to love patiently, kindly, and unselfishly. In that process, we are learning to love Him. 

Though Elizabeth and I are opposite in SO MANY ways, we make a killer team. For example, I'm a planner----like a MAJOR planner. She, on the other hand, LIVES for spontaneity. Without her, I'd be a big ole stick in the mud. Without me, well, she'd be all over the place. Haha! We also have a whole lot in common, though. Give us all things fashion, Pride and Prejudice, old world romance, summers in Italy and the lavender fields of France. 

We both believe relationships are so important. Other than meaningful relationships, what is life really about, anyways? We would love to begin a collaborative relationship with you! It would be such an honor to capture the moments you share with your loved ones. 

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