about the team

First and foremost, the team is built on friendship and faith. Cameron and Dustin quickly became friends on the playground of their small town preschool, which just began the mischief they would find in the years to come. They remained friends throughout school, and eventually found themselves at the same church. Carleigh and Dustin met on a "blind date" to the movies when they were teenagers, and have been inseparable ever since. As you probably know, Cameron and Elizabeth met at church in high school and became high school sweethearts, which is the same church the entire team attends to this day. 

the vision

Not long after Cameron and Elizabeth began their photography business, Dustin and Carleigh jumped headfirst into videography. According to the 2020 Arkansas Wedding Report by Arkansas Bride, 52% of brides hired a videographer, and 15% more wish they had. As important as photography is on a wedding day, videography is gaining more and more popularity----and we can see why. While photography captures every detail of a wedding day and gives the option of print, video adds a whole other level of magic. Photography helps you to reminisce on the thoughts, feelings, and even smells from a wedding day, but videography can evoke even more emotion. Video allows you to remember the sound of voices----the exact words of your vows----the way you danced, and the many faces at your wedding. 

While it's common for brides to book a photographer and videographer separately, we saw the opportunity in offering team packages that's built on a foundation of friendship already. This strong foundation will help us to create an atmosphere of joy, fun and laughter on your wedding day, while documenting the most important moments of your life! 

the benefits

Other than simply getting the whole crew on your wedding day, there are quite a few benefits of booking us as a team! You will be getting streamlined communication, contracts and invoices all in one convenient location, and savings. In fact, you will save up to $300 if you book us together, rather than separately. One of the most important benefits you'll receive is a team who knows how to work and create together. Many brides don't realize that when a photographer and videographer are booked separately, they meet for the first time on the day of the wedding. Usually the two are competing for the same shots and angles and having to figure out how to mesh timelines, which can cause tension and even negatively affect the amount of coverage and flow of creativity. While we pride ourselves in being able to work with anyone, we've already established a workflow with the Powell's, which will eliminate any confusion and encourage creativity, making the most of our time on your wedding day. 

how it works

Although you'll be getting us as a team, you will sign a contract for both Cameron and Elizabeth Photography and Powell Photo and Video, and be setup on a payment plan for each company. We will create a proposal and send it to you via email. Within the proposal you will sign each contract and make your payments for each company. Your total will be split up into three equal payments for each company. The first payment will be your retainer fee, the second will be at the midway point, and the last payment will be the week of your wedding. To inquire, simply fill out a short contact form and we'll be in touch. 

Designed by Cameron Spencer

Photos by Cameron Spencer